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Re: QL Tinkering

Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2024 8:01 pm
by Cristian
Great job, as usual :-)

Re: QL Tinkering

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2024 9:06 pm
by qbits
Hi all,

Behind this latest coding is the review of 1980’s Retro Games being the background to developing this project. First the use of screen Tiles, in may Games these perform several different functions. As a solid for walls or platforms, then as a flooring where a Sprite moves across or articles that a Sprite moves behind. Other possibilities are to act as Hazards ie not just blocking a route but causing explosions etc. Then as a Reward there may be a limited time when available. All these can now be addressed with each Tile having an Asset label.

Unoccupied Tile areas are background colour. If a Tile is positioned the default Asset is zero (a solid object that forms a barrier). However, by changing the Asset value different actions can take place. In this release numbers above zero act as flooring allowing the Cursor to pass over them. Tile Asset or function is an area that no doubt will be expanded on later, but for now it has just the two 0=Solid for wall etc and 1=Flooring.

The second change is movement between screen, this had a Jump or Switch between screen when moving through an exit point. A new Map screen layout now has the option to Slide where you glide across screens in the horizontal, rather than just Switch. At first I couldn’t get the interaction between the variables to work as intended. I might end up with repeats of half a screen rather than slide into the next.

The Primary screen area has columns x=0 to x=19 the Screens use Columns 0 to 19 and Rows 0 to 11. Going East x=19 pushes the next screen columns 0 to 19 West and visa versa when moving West from x=0. See Code Lines from 1525 PROC Scrn_Slide 1531 PROC PANEast 1541 PROC PANWest and Asset Checks 1575 PROC Tile_Chk


To incorporate the Tile Assets a further addition has been made to the Screen BITMap File.
File management - if a Sprite and Tile _bmp files have been loaded the Save now defaults to respective Sprite or Tile _bmp Filename.

The next objective is to get things working with ‘(T)est Run’. The accompanying pdf file is still being put together with the option of a partial release I hope soon. My biggest headache is in creating and the saving of a fully independent Game built by the QBITS PIXELArt Prog.

For Now!
Provided is QBITS_PIXELArt_AGen4 Plus and two accompanying _bmp files for SPRITE and SCREEN QBPIXAGen4_01 & 02

Suggest after loading go to Tile Mode and Maps and Press # to select Slide mode. Press spacebar and now press # again. Moving the cursor across the screen should slide in to the next. And check out the access over the flooring bottom of screen one.

As usual if you find any error. Things not work as expected. Guidance in Progs functions or just suggestions on any improvments, please relay them in a post.


Re: QL Tinkering

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2024 9:10 pm
by qbits
Hi All,

QBITS PIXEL Art Project Update

My aim was to produce a RETRO Game making Prog and for this set myself four Stages. Some of my aspirations on reflection were let’s say a little too adventurous for my limited Coding skills. However, for this release:

Stage One code for the Sprite Generator has been tidied up and has two additions FILL and ReColour commands. These can be use with the other SPRITE Frame Edit tools on the Whole Frame or a ReSized Edit area within the Grid Frame.

For Stage Two the Screen TILE Generator, the TILE Attribute arrangement has changed which has led again to some screen changes to layout. The Map screen has a few changes and back in SCREEN TILE Mode with # you can check out SWITCH or SLIDE between screens.

For Stage Three the Action Generator the screen choices have been rearranged to meet new options and the limiting of others. For controlled Sprites you can now toggle between Jump or Fire for action with the Spacebar. This can be check with the Test Option of KEY- CTRL Screen

Stage Four is UNDER CONSTRUCTION but you can access the opening screen which is screen one of QBPIXAgen4_02_bmp(if Loaded). Return with [Esc]

To access Files you now require to Press 'F' to bring up the File magenent screen.

As I develop a QBITS Prog I use what you see as my accompanying pdf as a Progress Report on what has been done and further work needed. As sections get completed my document updates resemble more the finished pdf so I thought with that I mind I would Post the pdf version of my work as completed to date. For use and operation of QBITS PIXEL Art please refer to the QBPIXELArt_RGen_doc_pdf.


Re: QL Tinkering

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2024 11:41 am
by qbits
Hi All,
A Happy Easter to You..

QBITS PIXEL Art Project: Progress
Coding is being check for inconsistencies and refining for the Stage Four of being able to Run a Retro Style Game build with QBITS PIXEL Art Prog and then saving as standalone code. The pdf updated as I go.

As I have been reviewing information on the 1980 Retro Games, I have come to realise many of the 8x8 Bit-map set used by these Game could after some conversion be Imported as QL Character Fonts to the SPRITE Designer (Stage One ) of QBITS PIXELArt. Which I have done and also added a simple scaler to increase their size before adding them to the SPRITE Frames List. From their on you can use the Edit functions to smooth curves, recolour etc.

Have Fun

Re: QL Tinkering

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2024 12:18 pm
by dilwyn
Haven't got round to using this software yet, but I'm always impressed with the excellent on-screen presentation of Qbits software.

Re: QL Tinkering

Posted: Sat Mar 30, 2024 2:50 pm
by NormanDunbar
I agree 100% with what Dilwyn said.