Hello from Argentina!!!

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Re: Hello from Argentina!!!

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Ché, bienvenido!

Tienes revistas argentinas, en español, donde se hiciera referencia sobre el lanzamiento del QL o sobre noticias posteriores?

Do you have Argentine magazines, in Spanish, where reference was made to the launch of the QL or subsequent news?

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Re: Hello from Argentina!!!

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Sinclair QL was never officially launched or imported to Argentina. It's a very rare computer to find here and I only know about a very few here and less of them working like mine. At that time relationship with UK was broken because of the war. We had our stron contact with Sinclair's products through Czerweny that made it business trough TIMEX Portugal. They went out of business little after Amstrad bought Sinclair and their last product was the CZ Spectrum Plus using ULAs from Portugal and Spanish roms and keyboards from Investronica.

There is a mention and a brief description Of th QL @ K64 magazine from September 1985 pg 13


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Re: Hello from Argentina!!!

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Hi Ernesto, and welcome to the forum. You will find lots of help, answers and general chat here!


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