Is QUANTA stil alive / accepting members?

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Re: Is QUANTA stil alive / accepting members?

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I reported to Keith (who maintains Quanta website) that the library download link didn't work, he has fixed it and says it was an issue with an update to the host software which did something to the links. Seems to work now.

A couple of the back issue magazine links don't work either, so I've passed that info on to him.

Seems that Quanta is there, just inactive. In particular lacking an editor with time to do things and lack of contributions to be able to make the newsletters in the first place.

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Re: Is QUANTA stil alive / accepting members?

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Just a heads up - the issue with the library is that many of the programs were submitted to the library for use by Quanta members only.

I talked things through with the Quanta committee at the time of the adoption of the latest constitution, and it was agreed then in 2020 to make free membership available to all, so that you could then legally use the library without having to pay anything to join Quanta!

Beyond that, I don't think anything is now happening - as John and Sarah have been tied up with moving house and health issues.

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Re: Is QUANTA stil alive / accepting members?

Post by kermit999 »

Ive tried several times to rejoin using their web page. Never heard a peep ! Must’ve rapped up, or don’t want any new members

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