Schon keyboard

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Re: Schon keyboard

Postby Derek_Stewart » Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:12 am

Silvester wrote:I replaced the flakey QL membrane keyboard connecter with turned pin sockets. Also replacing Schon lead with a ribbon cable soldered into turned pins, improving reliability.

One of the problems with replicating Schon QL keyboard was the fact Schon supplied a very neatly cut out QL top case (along with altered IPC).


I have a Schon keyboard and modified upper case. Which I did not like.

I thought about using the existing upper case without modication and use surface mounted switches to replace the keyboard membrane, which would allow the exist key caps to use.

It is a good idea to use turned pin sockets on the QL PCB, but the desoldering keyboard sockets can cause problems.

I have already removed the sockets on a Issue 5 board. I may look into the turned pin socket idea.

Also using Hermes is always a good idea, as stated removed keyboard debounce and fix all the serial port problems

I have done a Schematic and was doing the PCB layout in KiCAD.



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