QubiDE, what price is reasonable today?

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QubiDE, what price is reasonable today?

Postby ql_freak » Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:37 pm

Just bid on ebay for a QubiDE-IF (albeit it seems it was a reproduction, as it has 512 MByte RAM extension) plus an 128 DOM module (I assume Flash-Module), very small, most probably both will fit inside the QL. When I entered my bid (just short before the end of the auction) the bid was at 95,23 EUR and my bid was 111,99 EUR. But the former bidder seems to have had entered a higher bid, as it was sold for 112,99 EUR.

So what do you think is a reasonable price for a QubiDE today? I don't need a RAM extension, nor a DOM module. Albeit the latter would be nice, but I think there are interfaces for connecting a CF-card to an IDE-Port, and I have here a 4 GByte CF-card, which unfortunately doesn't work in my Psion 5 mx Pro (of course I have partitioned it, so that no partition is larger than 2 GByte).

GERMAN! QL-Download page also available in English: GETLINE§() function, UNIX-like "ls" command, improved DIY-Toolkit function EDLINE$ - All with source. AND a good Python 3 Tutorial (German) for Win/UNIX :-)
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Re: QubiDE, what price is reasonable today?

Postby robheaton » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:48 pm

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