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QL Worlds - free to a good home

Postby Derw » Thu Jul 09, 2020 5:00 pm

As i've explained when I introduced myself earlier today, I was a QL user long ago.

I've been doing some decluttering and realised I've a box with several years worth of QL World, the magazine of 30 years ago. They run from mid 1985-the end of 1993. They're possible not that irreplaceable as electronic versions are downloadable on the QL pages.

I'm never going to look at them again. I was about to throw them away, when I thought I ought to check whether they would be useful to anyone else. Does anyone want them? Alternatively, is there a user group in the area who might be interested? Otherwise, I'm afraid they will go to recycling.

If you do want them, this has to be on the basis that you must come and collect them. I live in Bristol UK.

I'd quite like to get this sorted out fairly quickly.


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