LOAD Magazine Issue 8 (German)

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LOAD Magazine Issue 8 (German)

Postby yalsi » Sat May 07, 2022 9:20 pm

Hello Everybody

The "Association for preservation of classic computers" (Verein zum Erhalt klassischer Computer) proudly presents Issue #8 of the LOAD magazine https://www.classic-computing.org/load8/


Anyone interested can receive a copy by making a donation. Check our our website:https://www.classic-computing.org/load-spendenaktion/. It is available in german language only. This issue contains a german translation of the article by Martyn Hill about QLAN and the QLUB adapter (Thanks to Martyn!).

Other Topics are

  • A brief history of RISC processors
  • The HP PA RISC story
  • Install SUN Solaris on SPARC
  • UNIX for Commodore AMIGA
  • Atari Transputer Workstation
  • Fun with Texas Instruments TI voyage and TI-85
  • The MicroPET
  • The Commodore MAX Machine
  • PC Emulators for Macintosh
  • Atari Cross Development
  • DIY SuperNOS
  • The FluxCopy Project

and a lot more.

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