C68 libcurses upwards scroll bugfix

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C68 libcurses upwards scroll bugfix

Postby XorA » Tue Aug 03, 2021 12:53 am

So as promised in the other thread here is the links to a fix for scrolling in libcurses.a supplied with C68 (4.24f) from dilwyn.me.uk

The actual fix itself is here https://github.com/xXorAa/c68-libcurse/ ... a33dd194c9 for anyone interested in the code.

I have updated the binary file LIB_libcurses.a in my c68-support repo that I created from the c68 disks and is the files needed for xtc68 cross compiler (and gcc). That is available here https://github.com/xXorAa/c68-support.

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