Issue 8 fork in the road...

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Should the IO ports be on the main board or a daughter board?

Poll ended at Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:48 pm

IOs on one board.
IOs on a separate board.
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Issue 8 fork in the road...

Postby Dave » Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:48 pm

Just collecting some opinions here.... I've been working a little more on Issue 8.

I think around half would be used in QL cases and half would be used to replace QL mainboards in (S)GC systems... It is important to me that the Issue 8 is compatible with QL cases, both UK and non-UK models. However, the serial and joystick BT ports cannot be had anywhere, so D-SUB is required.

Given the high cost of 4-layer PCBs as used in the Issue 8, I had the notion of having all the main processing be on a smaller Issue 8 board that has 4 layers, and is just the 96mm needed to properly support the expansion connector. The IO could be on a separate 2-layer board that plugs into the mainboard. This could be directly, or on a cable allowing the IOs to be relocated if the board was used in an external case.

There are good arguments for both arrangements.

Being unable to pick a clear winner, I decided to let you choose! Also, feel free to mention any other possible advantages of either approach.

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