Copy a swedish ROM from an old QL for Qemulator

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Re: Copy a swedish ROM from an old QL for Qemulator

Postby thomasraden » Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:38 pm

Chr$ wrote:
thomasraden wrote:Swedish keyboard with self adhesive stickers (!) on the swedish ÅÄÖ key positions but with an english manual...
I know there was a german QL version, you change the Z key position with another key.

Stickers, I see! Yes, but those aren't the only keyboard German differences (the umlaut letters are there and e.g. also the Enter and Shift keys are different). "We" also got better CTL/SER ports. I assume the Swedish one has the BT type? Are the ROM chips official looking? If the k/b has stickers and it has an English manual I wonder if the Swedish version was non-official or some kind of grey import. Did you buy it new? Very interesting though and well done for wanting to save the ROM data for posterity.

My swedish QL has normal serial port. I dont honesty know what issue model it is. I attach a picture of the ROM. The top sandwich board EPROM is a copy I made years ago from the original non EPROM chip as an experiment to see if it was possible to copy it/save the image file. Its the 27128 (16k) extension/custom/localise ROM chip from what I understand. The chip under it is the 27256 original base ROM. The actual QL was bought from an official dealer in Sweden, but it could have been customized by the dealer locally, I dont have any information about this. From what I understand it would also be possible to replace both EPROMS with just one 27512 chip that contains both the 16k ROM and the 32k ROM on it?

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Re: Copy a swedish ROM from an old QL for Qemulator

Postby NormanDunbar » Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:41 pm

This might help with your unzip problem....Dilwyn said it on another thread:

There are articles on my website about using QL Zip and Unzip to make file transfer easier - this is why all the QL programs on my site are zipped. DO NOT unzip them in Windows/Linux/Mac, that'll lose the header and the programs will not transfer properly. Instead, send the zip file to the QL environment and unzip it there. But how do you get Unzip there in the first place - that seems a catch 22 where you would need a copy of unzip to unzip the unzip program in the first place. What I did there was to cheat - convert Unzip to a BASIC program which would recreate the Unzip program. BASIC programs survive the transfer between systems, so by transferring to QL environment, then running it, it recreates a copy of Unzip to get you started. This program can be found as one of those listed under "JOB2BAS" on my archivers page - There are two versions of Unzip - 5.32 seems to work for everyone, some seem to have issues with the 5.40. Zipping files with QL versions of Zip protects the file header of executable programs when transferring.

But, unfortunately, it won't help transfer files from a PC to a microdrive. :(


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Re: Copy a swedish ROM from an old QL for Qemulator

Postby M68008 » Tue Oct 13, 2020 11:13 pm

thomasraden wrote:Soo, not possible to use programs that run the exec_w command in the boot file
on the emulator for me.....:-(

I have not tried, but if COPY can correctly decode the header it creates, then you should already be able to transfer executables, you just need to receive (or transmit) the file on the PC from inside the emulator, using the COPY command.

For unzip, you can transfer the unzip_exe to the QL even without header, then add the data size manually with the SEXEC command. The result is an executable file. Or I think I've seen self-extracting versions of unzip around that work with LRESPR and re-create the executable.

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