ZEsarUX 8.0 stable

Discussion and advice about emulating the QL on other machines.
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ZEsarUX 8.0 stable

Postby chernandezba » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:38 am


I've uploaded a new stable ZEsarUX version, 8.0 :)

You can download it, as always, from the url:


There are compiled versions for Linux, Raspbian, Mac and Windows. The source code is available too.

The changelog for this version is:

Version 8.0. 19 July 2019 - World Destruction edition

Improved menu interface:
-Program Window can be extended horizontally and have a right region to place menu zxvision windows (called ZX Desktop)
-Draw engine: now it allows transparency
-Menu windows can be placed and resized to the whole program window
-Some windows geometry (position, size) are saved in the configuration
-Hotkeys now show right capitalization (lowercase or uppercase)
-Edit box now has a key to delete all input (cursor down)
-Edit box can now move cursor left and right and write text in the middle
-Enabling kempston mouse no longer disables mouse on menu
-GUI color bars depend on current style
-Added support for more cyrillic characters on menu
-Added RetroMac Gui Style
-Improved memory zone selector
-Improved footer:
--Footer now completely follows GUI Style
--Reordered cpu use, numbers in red when cpu use > 85%
--Now shows cpu temperature on Linux (and not only on Raspbian as before)

Added Real time playback from AY Chip sound to external MIDI device
Added menu to export AY chip music to midi (.mid) file
Added AY Sheet: showing a sheet with the notes being played
Added AY mixer menu
Added ZXUno UART Bridge emulation
Added TSConf UART Bridge emulation

Added DAAD, PAWS and Quill debugger, for Spectrum and CPC (CPC only supports Daad debugger)
Added text adventure keyboard also on CPC

Added colors to ncurses driver and Chloe machine
Added Chloe MMU to ZX-Uno
Added Derby+ and Derby++ roms

Added hdf to ide/mmc raw converter
Added hdf support to MMC emulation

Added ZRCP commands: ayplayer, cpu-transaction-log

Improved breakpoint parser:
-full expression parser: parenthesis, functions, sums, multiplications, etc. Can be used as a full calculator!
-now it's a lot more faster. Up to 7 times faster, so it uses 7 times less cpu than the old version

Improved watches:
-using new expression parser
-up to 10 watches on screen
-watches are saved on configuration file

Improved tbblue emulation:
-updated to the last Next Version files
-can load .nex snapshot files from the command line or the ZEsarUX menus, without having to boot NextOS
-added UART Bridge emulation
-increased maximum sprites per line to 100
-increased total sprites to 128
-fixed full ink mode border colour
-fallback (transparency) colour is now a 9-bit value

Improved Adventure Text Extractor: now it supports Daad games too. So it supports Daad, Paws, Quill and Gac
Improved Visualmem: now you can see all 3 different access (write, read, opcode) at once, generating a RGB color
Improved Waveform window: now the wave adjusts automatically to the zxwindow size
Improved Hexadecimal editor: now it resizes view to zxwindow height
Improved TSConf layers menu: Added "reveal" setting to view which pixels are used by a layer
Improved Scale 0.75 function: now it has antialias
Improved Cpu Transaction Log: now logfiles can be rotated automatically
Improved debugging: added a breakpoint action "putv" to write values on a Debug Memory Zone

Fixed Pentagon interrupt handling: now effects on border and hi-res work almost perfect!
Fixed interrupt bug behaviour where last opcode lasts >=32 t-states and interrupt in the middle
Fixed "Jeff Braine" manufacturer to "New Horizons". Changed Prism machine name to "Prism 512"
Fixed bug having more than 256 text to adventure keyboard words
Fixed bug on CPC vertical scrolling
Fixed segmentation fault bug when drawing CPC machine
Fixed segmentation fault bug when displaying first aid messages
Fixed bug redrawing zx80/81 display, with realvideo disabled, and menu char width less than 8
Fixed bug drawing menu window boxes when char width less than 8
Fixed zxvision left button handling: no longer sends enter when the user is dragging the window
Fixed machine names to be completely right: for example, "Spectrum 48k" becomes "ZX Spectrum 48k", etc
Fixed saving sprites when memory zone is not default zone
Fixed bug when writing divmmv memory on Chloe machine and underlying RAM in space 0000-3fffh become overwritten
Fixed bug crash when a message error was generated from ZRCP and menu had a tooltip open

I hope you like it :)



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Re: ZEsarUX 8.0 stable

Postby bwinkel67 » Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:00 am

Has anyone used this emulator for QL stuff? I tried the QL mode and couldn't get the keyboard mapping to work (i.e. some keys just didn't read on my PC keyboard like the "_"). The keyboard input is also very slow, requiring you to type each key and pause so no touch typing. The screen colors for the QL seem dim like the brightness on the monitor was turned down (not sure if that's a setting). Plus I hadn't set it up for storage so there was no default devices (and hadn't figured out how to do it). The GUI seems to give you a Spectrum interface and I didn't turn off "useful tips" which gets annoying really quickly. I'd rather have regular pull-down menus at the top to choose what I want and not be forced into a mode. It does emulate a ton of machines so curious if it is one that many folks use.

I presently prefer QLAY2 for most of my stuff since its fast and compatible (esp with compiling in Digital 'C' SE now that I'v figured out a configuration that works for me). I do use QLAYK at times but the sound interferes with my computer audio, changing the level when I have it running, so that's why I don't automatically use it (though the sound feature is a bonus and I use it when running games). I don't use the other emulators for various reasons: one requires you to install it , another runs off of Java whereas I prefer to run executables, and one just doesn't give you the simple QL start screen and throws a pointer in constantly (maybe that's configurable).

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there are plenty of them out there and so I was curious to see this one as it's not listed on Dilwyn's page.

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