ZEsarUX 6.1 RC

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ZEsarUX 6.1 RC

Postby chernandezba » Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:44 am


I have uploaded a new beta version of ZEsarUX. This is ZEsarUX 6.1 RC so next version will be a final stable version :)
You can download it from:

You can see the full changelog here:
https://github.com/chernandezba/zesarux ... /Changelog

The following are the changes from the last beta on March:

Added ZX-Evolution BaseConf emulation (experimental)
Added a fast spectrum core (with some features disabled) just for slow devices, like Raspberry Pi 1/Zero. Now ZEsarUX is playable on RPi1/Zero again!
Added setting to save spectrum screen to pbm file (black&white)
Added a setting to dump ram contents to file when exiting ZEsarUX, ideal to run automatic tests

Improved debugging:
* added cpu-step-over function on debug menu (was already available from ZRCP)
* added function to write byte to file on ZEsarUX hardware debug ports

Improved ZRCP:
* when a breakpoint is fired on cpu-step-mode, the breakpoint condition is shown on ZRCP

Improved file viewer from file utilities:
* conversion utility

Improved TSConf emulation:
* added TR-DOS emulation support

Improved menu interface:
* added a setting to limit menu event: enabling it you should press the menu key 3 times in a second to open the menu
* added a setting to hide directories from file selector menus, useful when you don't want the user to be able to navigate the filesystem

Improved TBBlue emulation:
* Added Copper
* Added almost all next extended opcodes
* Added a setting to start TBBlue directly to a 48 rom but with all the Next features enabled, useful for fast snapshot loading

Fixed panic screen: now it is shown on all machines. New design. I hope you never see it ;)
Fixed bug on Z80 cpu core, iff2 was not being reset to 0 when firing an interrupt, so reading it by using LD A,R and LD A,I affected many demos



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Re: ZEsarUX 6.1 RC

Postby simon629 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:16 am

Hi it is A Very Very Good Emulator but on the QL Side of it will be Very Good when you can use WIN Files with it OK Thanks simon629
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