Buying and Selling Rules/Guidelines

Please post user feedback when you buy or sell.
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Buying and Selling Rules/Guidelines

Postby vanpeebles » Sat Nov 27, 2010 9:11 pm

General Advice

1) For payment use a method that can be verified, e.g. PayPal etc. You could also send postal orders, cheques etc. But please note that postal orders and bank transfers cannot be reclaimed in cases of a dispute. If you send money with PayPal as a “Gift” you are unable to lodge a dispute. We advise against sending cash in the post.

2) When posting items The Sinclair QL Forum urges you to send goods by a verifiable method, such as Recorded Delivery or a courier service like UPS, Parcel Force etc. Both parties should use a postal method that used recorded delivery as this is extremely helpful in solving disputes.

Buying an Item on The Sinclair QL Forum

1) All items should have a price, no offers or bids should be used.

2) When buying an item at the price stated post your interest in the thread then send a PM to the seller.

3) Sales are first come first served, post your interest in the thread first and then via PM. Any member making higher offers on an item that has sold maybe be banned. By all means post "next in line" stating that if the deal with the first buyer falls through you would like to purchase it.

4) Please make sure you have the funds to buy the item before claiming it. The seller has the right to re-offer the item due to time wasting and The Sinclair QL Forum may take action.

Selling an Item on The Sinclair QL Forum

1) You must legally own what you are selling on the forum.

2) Item descriptions should be accurate and honest. For example: QL in good working order, or item untested etc.

3) Please use pictures to show your item but they must be of the actual item not stock photos from the internet etc.

4) All items for sale on The Sinclair QL Forum should have a price stated. Offers or bids are not allowed. Sellers are more than welcome to lower the price if interest is low.

5) Trades and Swops. If you would like to trade or part-swop for another item then state what you are willing to trade for.

If YOU are selling the same item elsewhere then you may link this to a sale thread as long as the item is the same price in both place. e.g An ebay buy it now.

7) When replying to a Want
thread please state your offer in the thread and then via PM with your price/details.

When a Dispute Occurs

1) When a dispute happens the first course of action should be to contact a moderator and state on the thread that there is a dispute.

2)Sometimes communication can break down. The Sinclair QL Forum can assist by making contact to parties on your behalf, however Administrators / Moderators cannot resolve a dispute directly for you, but they can offer a non-biased intermediation for parties involved.

3) Persistent transaction offenders will be banned from the use of The Sinclair QL Forum. However The Sinclair QL Forum is not liable to refund any money or produce any item identical to or to the value of the failed transaction.

4) There may be times when the The Sinclair QL Forum cannot help in resolving a dispute. Should this occur we recommend that the money and goods are returned to the original owners. If this does not happen we can only provide the information of the transaction. It is for buyer or seller to take any further action(such as legal proceedings)

5) The Sinclair QL Forum
will not be held liable or responsible for any failed transaction, we only provide you the place to trade, all trading is done at your own risk. However we will do our very best to help you resolve the dispute.


1) After every transaction as a buyer or seller we would like feedback to be left in the feedback thread. The first person to leave feedback creates the thread with the name of the other person as the title. Further traders can then leave feedback under the appropriate person as a normal post.

2) Feedback must be accurate and honest reflecting the experience of the transaction. Offensive comments or flaming will not be tolerated. Offenders may be banned from the site. Traders who repeatedly receive poor feedback will be investigated and may loose their account.

Final Responsibility and Personal Details

1) All liability and responsibility for the goods offered lie with the trader offering the items for sale; The Sinclair QL Forum take no responsibility for goods not as described, faulty, incomplete, etc., and the forum staff accept no liability or responsibility for the quality of the items offered.

2) And finally buyers and sellers are asked to not make public any personal details, specifically phone numbers, addresses or payment info. Members are prohibited from making the personal details of other members public, including real names, without the express permission of that person. Members who break this rule will be banned!

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