QL show in Germany in 2013

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QL show in Germany in 2013

Postby dilwyn » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:56 pm

I'm not sure if he's mentioned it here, so apologies if this duplicates something. It's a copy of an email Jochen Merz sent to the ql-users list about a possible QL show in Germany next year.


"Plans for QL 2013

It seems that the article in the last issue of QL Today has triggered
something for next year.

The venue this time will be Hamburg ... a nice city and worth visiting,
if you have not been there yet. And if you have, worth another visit
too... as the address will be "Reeperbahn 1" (famous!) - the entry to
St. Pauli.

Rainer Wolkwitz offered a conference room for the meeting for up to 200
people in den "Tanzenden Türmen"/STRABAG ... and he says it will have a
beautiful view over Hamburg and its port (only 10 minutes walking
distance from there). The towers are quite interesting to look at,
especially if you stay in front of them. Here, for example, are some
http://www.strabag-real-estate.com/data ... id=232&h=2

We thought that the date for the meeting should avoid the holiday season
and major events in Hamburg, to increase chances for reasonable hotel rates.
We found that the following dates are probably the best ones, chances
for good weather, chances for less traffic, chances for affordable hotels:
a) Weekend 18th/19th of May
b) Weekend 25th/26th of May
c) Weekend 1st/2nd of June
d) Weekend 31st of August/1st of September

So, we should start working out which date suites most of you best, and
if you prefer the Saturday or the Sunday to be the "meeting" date.
Assuming, that a visit to Hamburg will not just be for a QL meeting,
other activities like siteseeing or shopping can easily be placed around the
meeting. A note for visitors from outside Germany: shops are closed on
but there are loads of other things to do, e.g. like visiting the
harbour and various ships, or cruise through the harbour, musicals, Zoo
Hagenbeck, all sorts of museums or the famous Miniatur Wunderland (the
world's largest miniature train exhibition).

Please let us know if there is any interest, and what would be your
preferred date and day ... please send an email to SMSQ@J-M-S.com,
subject "QL2013"
and the letters for your TWO preferred dates (a,b,c,d) and whether you
prefer Saturday or Sunday, or no preference.

Also, help would be most welcome - Rainer said he does not have too much
time to care for other things like hotels. He can provide technical
equipment which could be required for talks or demonstrations (hint,
hint!), like a large screen or projector and internet, of course.

Please reply a.s.a.p. so that we can start working on the details. For
dates in May, only half a year is left, which is 2 issues of QL Today in
between for a poll of the preferred date and advertising for the event.
We may not be able to fill the room with 200 people, but after having
had several meetings in the South, this is very North and a chance to
meet people we have not seen for many years!

And - Hamburg is worth visiting and seeing anyway!

Best regards Jochen"

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