The wonderful Rick

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Re: The wonderful Rick

Postby Cristian » Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:14 pm

This is a great loss. Condolences to the family.
I love very much his design: thank you so much Rick!

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Re: The wonderful Rick

Postby RWAP » Thu May 03, 2018 8:50 pm

The family have decided to set up a fundraising page to create a fund to support design students in memory of Rick Dickinson -

There is also a condolences page on the product designers website where you can leave messages, memories and photos of Rick and his work:

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Re: The wonderful Rick

Postby vanpeebles » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:00 am

I notice flickr will be changing their conditions, and imposing picture limits based on numbers of photos rather than actual file size. I wonder if it's worth downloading all of Rick's Sinclair photos in case they vanish??

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Re: The wonderful Rick

Postby thorsinclair » Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:48 pm

Great idea! I think it makes perfectly sense to preserve these images, pictures, sketches, concepts, designs, ... of his great work for the community and the future. Urs may would be able to host these - just to name one :-)

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